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When it comes to Municipal software, why pay more?

How do we keep our prices low?

When evaluated beside other municipal software suppliers in Canada, potential clients sometimes wonder how MuniSoft manages to provide top quality products and service while keeping prices lower than others. There are a number of factors:


MuniSoft is value-based. We don’t aim to be the most sophisticated solution. We don’t add unnecessary features that drive prices up but add little to the practical advantages of the system. Our typical client is focused on function: they want their software to save them time and aggravation. Staying focused on what matters most to our clients helps us keep our up-front costs and our ongoing support fees lower than other suppliers.


With over 700 municipalities using MuniSoft, the cost of software development and service is shared by all of our clients. This means we can afford to charge less and need not rely on new sales to keep the lights on.

Municipal Systems Consultants

Most other municipal software suppliers in Canada use commissioned sales staff, increasing sales costs. MuniSoft doesn’t even have a sales department! The absence of commissioned sales at MuniSoft means our systems consultants are motivated by the desire to find the “right fit” for potential clients, not the desire to upsell to increase their income.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our company president cares about her staff and prioritizes a healthy work-life balance. A positive corporate culture motivates staff to be more productive and learn new skills, in order to better serve our clients. It also avoids the expense of high turn over.

Increased Emphasis on Training

We’ve been beefing up the education side of our work. With increased webinars and new staff training, we’ve been able to reduce the number of support calls that are the result of inadequate training, thereby reducing our support costs.

Focus on Sustainable Growth

Rather than worry about dividend payouts or stock prices, MuniSoft is committed to remaining family owned. Our owner recognizes that expotential growth is not practical and that sustainable profits come from partnerships and reinvesting. Working with this mindset has enabled our company to grow our staff from 25 to 40, allowing us to provide better service and more products while keeping price increases in line with inflation.  


Quality products and support will never be cheap. However, by focusing on client priorities, MuniSoft manages to meet the needs of our municipal offices, maintain a reasonable profit and still keep our prices low.