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One Stop Shopping

Our office is small.  We don’t have an “IT Department”!  In fact, no one in our office knows much about computer hardware at all!

So, when it came to purchasing new computer systems for our office, we were glad to find out that MuniSoft not only offers great municipal software, they also have their own hardware department.  They gave us the option to purchase both hardware and software from a single source!

I’d heard of other offices where there seemed to be a perpetual struggle to find out who they should call when they need help.  Do they call their hardware supplier?  Or perhaps this is something they should call the software supplier about. 

I often can’t tell whether what I need is hardware or software help.  By purchasing my whole system from MuniSoft, I have a single phone number to call no matter what the question!  I leave it to the folks at MuniSoft to figure out who can help me.

I know a single source system is not the answer for every office.  In fact, our neighbouring office has their MuniSoft software on a large network with a lot more computers than we do.  And they find working with the local computer store in their municipality works great for them.  But for our needs, MuniSoft’s one-stop shop works perfectly.

If we had reliable computer suppliers in our area, we might have purchased our computers from them and just purchased the software from MuniSoft.  But we decided to buy the whole system from one company.  And we’re glad we did!