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If we have an issue, they have a solution

MuniSoft doesn’t have a marketing department or salespeople. But when one of our new clients asked us why we don’t do a better job of telling the municipal world about ourselves, it started us thinking.


Should we tell them how great our software is? Not according to the Township of Augusta’s Mark McDonald. “The program sells itself,” he says, “because it is very easy to use. We had the training but picking up and knowing where everything is was not a hard process.”


“I keep on saying this but it’s a big thing to me: customer service. A municipality should be customer service oriented and I think that is one of the big selling points of MuniSoft: customer service always having a solution to the problem.”


Quick support response is important to Mark. “We want stuff and we want it yesterday. Especially in the tax office; things go by very fast here.” He talks about how, when he is doing a cheque run or sending out tax bills, he can’t afford to be ignored by an unresponsive support team. “You cannot wait until tomorrow and I think that a big selling point of MuniSoft is customer service,” he says.


“Customer service – that is something that should be automatic. In MuniSoft’s case… there’s always someone available and, if not, then they will get back to you in a reasonable time.”


Should you switch to a MuniSoft system? Give us a shout. We’d be happy to chat with you to see if MuniSoft is the right fit for your office.