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High-quality software backed by top-notch support team

At MuniSoft, not only do we create amazing software, we back it up with top-notch support staff. Of our twelve Support Technicians and three Municipal System Consultants, over half have worked in a municipal office, so they understand what our clients are up against. Their years of municipal experience and their knowledge of our programs makes them excellent trainers.


We offer customized, one-on-one training sessions for all our products to all MuniSoft users. These sessions cover all program menu options and features in great detail, and shows our clients how to efficiently use our programs. After being trained by one of our experts, our clients find they need to call into support less often, which means less interruptions in their work day and more time to complete all of their tasks.


In addition to individual training sessions, every Spring and Fall, our trainers host a series of webinars covering a variety of topics, including introductory and advanced courses for all of our MuniSoft supported products, as well as MS Word and MS Excel. Our webinar schedule also includes sessions designed to walk clients through many of the major annual tasks of a municipal office, such as Assessment Processing, Final Billing, Year End Processing, and more!


Sometimes, learning how to use the programs isn’t enough. There are times our clients find themselves in tough situations that require more assistance than they’d receive in a typical support call or training session. Maybe they’re a brand-new Administrator and have inherited books that have been out of balance for months, or it’s year end or final billing time and the office is so busy it’s been hard to sit down to work through these processes. MuniSoft is here to help our clients in any way that we can. We offer Implementation Services where we match up the client with one of our knowledgeable trainers to work together until the issue is resolved.


Having high-quality software is great, but having high-quality software that users know how to use because they’re trained and supported by our software experts is even better!