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The Extra Mile

At MuniSoft, we try to go “above and beyond” when it comes to our clients.  And we try to make sure our business partners have the same attitude.  Still, it was a real serendipity – one of those pleasant but completely unexpected surprises – when I heard the story. 

You may remember that we recently changed our forms shipping policies.  We had been concerned about rising postage costs and had found a way to reduce costs to our municipal clients by making some fairly radical changes to our shipping processes.  The change required us to depend more on one of our business partners to continue providing that added level of service that our clients have come to expect.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when  I heard the story of one of our clients in an area not well-served by traditional couriers.  In their case, the cost to ship the forms by our traditional courier was going to be prohibitive.  So our business partner considered shipping them with another of our standard couriers – saving our client 15% of the original cost of shipping.

He didn’t have to but that’s when he went the extra mile.  Our partner has several contacts in the shipping industry.  After making some enquiries, he was able to find an innovative solution that allowed for door-to-door delivery at a savings of 75% for the client!

Of course, this was a rare case.  And I admit that our efforts don’t always result in such dramatic benefit for our clients.  But I was pretty excited to hear the story.  For me, it was one more example of how MuniSoft and its partners makes the effort to go the extra mile!