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One Phone Call

“One phone call and everything is perfect!”


Making a switch to a new municipal software system is not an easy task. 


There is the upfront cost of the new software – even if the reduced ongoing costs will recoup the upfront costs in just a few years.  There is the learning curve for the new software and time used for initial training.  And, of course, there are those little unexpected things that always accompany any kind of change.


Well, according to MuniSoft’s clients, one of the big reasons to make the change to MuniSoft is the huge difference in support.  One of the biggest frustrations expressed by most users of software from other suppliers is the slow and unhelpful response they get from their vendor’s support team.


But MuniSoft’s clients can’t seem to speak highly enough of the help they get from our support team.  As one of our clients said: “I have had several occasions over the years where the situation just seems hopeless to me, and yet one phone call… and everything is perfect!”


How much improvement will you experience with a MuniSoft system?  Give us a shout and we’ll put you in touch with a few folks who have already experienced the MuniSoft difference.