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Change but not for change sake

Keeping up with technology is challenging and often costly: both for the developing company and the end user. In our 35 years of working with local Canadian governments, we have come to recognize that change is difficult, even when it is desired.



For that reason, at MuniSoft, we don’t change for the sake of change. Rather than relying on upgrade revenue and forcing clients to switch platforms, we are committed to keeping our existing platform current, which means we can focus on continually improving the programs. Additionally, when changes are made, we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients.



For instance,  we are in the process of moving our current Accounts Payable program to our SQL.Net standard and once the program is ready, all clients will receive the upgrade built into the regular maintenance update.



We generally send out software updates one to two times a year. Periodic maintenance is necessary to ensure our programs are working as they should. Bug fixes are standard with each software release. However, in addition to fixes, we also always include client requested enhancements with every update!