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It was just a little thing…

It was just a little thing.  No matter how often I pointed out to my ratepayers that there were two installments on their tax notices, some just couldn’t seem to get it.  There were always two stubs on the notice, of course.  But the second one didn’t seem to get the ratepayers’ attention.

That’s when I turned to my software supplier.  I was soon explaining the problem to Donna, the head of their publications department.  Well we put our heads together and discussed several options.  “What if we changed the colour of the second stub?” I suggested.  

“Well, we could certainly try it”, Donna responded.  We weren’t sure it would work but it sounded like it would be worth a try.  Donna went to work with her forms people to set it up.

For my next billing, I had two colour notices.  What a difference!  Not 100%, of course.  But I was pleased with the improvement.  Ratepayers seemed to notice the second stub now that it was a different colour.  And there seemed to be a lot less confusion. 

It was just a little thing, I guess.  But it is an example of the great relationship we have with MuniSoft.  It seems they are always there when we need them.  Helpful people who know their stuff!