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MuniSoft Conference 2022

A huge thank-you to all of our MuniSoft Conference 2022 attendees! Our staff had a wonderful three days with you September 13 to 15, 2022.

Here's what some of our attendees had to say about the Conference:

“I found the conference to be of great value. Aside from the added bonus of networking with Munisoft staff, I had many "a-ha!" moments during the sessions. Would definitely recommend it.”  – T.M


“Highly recommend attending a MuniSoft Conference. Always something to learn. The chance to network with the staff and other attendees is very worthwhile.”  – T. R


"It was a fantastic way to get training, speak in person with Munisoft staff and interact with other Municipal employees. There should be one every year!" – F.C


We appreciate the feedback we received on our Conference Feedback Survey and have already started discussing how we can incorporate your suggestions to make improvements to this type of event. 

Connecting with our clients and seeing how much they got out of each training class makes us wish we could host a conference every year!  However, given the amount of hard work involved in planning and hosting an event of this size, it just isn't feasible.  Our current plan is to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2025 by hosting mini-conferences in Regina, SK, Winnipeg, MB, and Mississauga, ON!

In the meantime, we plan to host one-day regional refresher seminars in 2023 and 2024.  We hope to vary our refresher seminar locations to allow more clients to participate in these great learning opportunities.  Please forward your location suggestions!  We require a minimum of 15 participants for each location.  Final locations will be decided closer to the date with the goal of minimizing travel expenses for our clients.