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Our people know Municipal Work

I worked in various municipal offices for several years before joining the MuniSoft Support team back in 2007. So, I know a bit about the reporting needs of a municipality and that every once in a while, you need a special report. Since the MuniSoft system was built from the ground up for municipalities, its reports are designed with an administrator’s needs in mind.


Sometimes, you need a report that may not be important for other users of the software, but is a big help to your office. During my local government days, I often made use of MuniSoft’s Custom Report writer in the General Ledger, such as to revise reports to include newly added GL accounts. I found that this feature allowed me to do very cool things with very little instruction.


However, there are times our clients need to go one step further with their reporting. That’s why a couple of years ago, I teamed up with some of my colleagues in the R&D and Hardware departments to find a solution for clients that needed easy ad hoc reports that could be exported. Out of that collaboration came the MuniSoft Custom Report Library. It was a challenging task finding a method of pulling information from a live database, that didn’t involve uninstalling and updating the libraries, like with Crystal Reports, and was also low cost. Despite the difficulty, I enjoyed working on this project with my colleagues, and although I’ve always liked training, it’s an even more enjoyable experience when I’m training clients on a product I was directly involved in creating.


My newest task has been to provide implementation services to clients who need a little extra assistance. Having worked in a municipal office, I know how busy it can get, with the stress of council changes or new legislation, for example.  Most of the time though, clients seek out our Implementation Services when there has been an emergency in their office or community and they just need some extra hands getting caught up. Every assignment is different, and I love getting to work closely with administrators and my peers to get the necessary work completed.


If you feel you would benefit from our Implementation Services, please email clientcare@munisoft.ca for a quote!


— Susan Chase