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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2021 Community Project Draw!

Wow! We have always known that MuniSoft clients care about their communities. But this year, we have been blown away by the dedication our clients have shown to take care of others.


With each entry form submitted, we found ourselves more and more thankful that the winners were to be chosen by a draw. So many creative projects and relief funds are happening, it would be impossible for us to choose the “most-worthy”! 


What struck us most was our clients’ ability to find ways to make things work even during these difficult times. We were inspired to do more to help as many communities as possible. We decided to follow our clients’ leads and found a way to add FIVE consolation prizes, in addition to our FOUR main draw prizes!


Please join us in congratulating our winners!


Draw # 1 – Community Project - $2,000 main prize, $1,000 consolation prize


$2,000 Prize:  Congratulations to the RM of Yellowhead, Manitoba. Their winnings will be going to the development of a double Pickleball court. Their goal is to create an outdoor space that will help their citizens and those in surrounding communities connect with one another, be active, and enjoy the outdoors.


$1,000 Prize:  The Town of Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan, is the consolation prize winner for the draw.  They aim to build an outdoor, year-round, multi-sport athletic space for basketball, volleyball, ball hockey, badminton, tennis, pickleball, and other racquet sports.  This space will attract residents of all ages and provide increased health and community spirit in their town.


Draw # 2 – Relief Project - $2,000 main prize, (4) $500 consolation prizes


$2,000 Prize:  The South River Lions Club in the Township of Machar, Ontario, takes home our top prize for this draw to use toward their annual Christmas Food Drive. Every year they distribute food hampers/baskets at Christmas time to those in need.  2020 posed several challenges for this drive due to COVID-19 restrictions on public functions and gatherings.  The winnings will allow them to replenish their funds and continue to assist the community in 2021.


$500 Prize:  The Metis Nation Saskatchewan Eastern Region II Office in the RM of Porcupine will benefit from this consolation prize. The Metis Nation provides much-needed assistance to Metis families in the area. For instance, in March and April 2020, the MNS office put together kits of hand sanitizer and other cleaning materials to distribute to Metis and non-Metis families, who were struggling to afford these much-needed items. They also put together Christmas food baskets every year.


$500 Prize:  Congratulations to the LeRoy Senior Citizen Centre in the Town of LeRoy, Saskatchewan. The Senior Centre offers its upstairs area for seniors to participate in games, cards, pool, etc. and is also rented for family gatherings.  The basement of the centre has a two-lane bowling alley that is enjoyed by all.  Their prize winnings will go towards some much-needed updates and maintenance to the bowling alley.


$500 Prize:  Filling the Gap Food Bank in the Town of Canora, Saskatchewan, is also awarded one of our consolation prizes. The community food bank provides food hampers to those in need in the Town of Canora and the surrounding area.


$500 Prize:  Richmound Lions Club in the Village of Richmound, Saskatchewan, takes home our last consolation prize. Twice a year, the Lion Clubs provides a free hot lunch to all students and staff attending the Fox Valley School.  This program provides meals to approximately 120 people.


Draw # 3 – Winner’s Choice - $2,000 prize


The recipient of the Winner’s Choice Draw is Prairie View Municipality, Manitoba. Their winnings will help the local food bank and the Morning Star Daycare within Birtle Collegiate install an access door to the daycare to facilitate easier drop-off/pick up for parents and daycare staff.


Draw # 4 – Electronic Payment - $1,000 prize


Congratulations to the Northern Village of Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan. They were automatically entered into the draw by paying their bills electronically.


We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all clients who shared their community and relief fund projects with us. Your commitment, initiative, and creativity in finding ways to keep your communities moving forward are truly inspiring!


Thank You!