Accounts Payable


The MuniSoft Accounts Payable is a winning choice designed specifically with local government accounting needs in mind.  It includes many popular features including a number of new features including rapid entry of invoices and purchase orders, electronic funds transfer, recurring batches, custom query option, multi-batch processing and more.




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Optional Extensions

Optional extensions are available to enhance the feature set of the Accounts Payable program.  These extensions include the following:

Features and Benefits

Saving Time:


  • You will save time and effort by re-using routine payment transactions
  • You will appreciate the Load functionality —allowing you to load previously posted batches or invoices into the current batch —freeing you from re-entering commonly entered data over and over


A Helpful System:


  • Your system will extract GST or PST accrual automatically, ensuring accurate calculations
  • Your system supports a wide variety of cheque formats; use the format you always use or change it if you wish
  • Your program will use the Reverse Payment function to automatically adjust the General Ledger when a payment is voided, eliminating manual adjustments


Convenient Functions: 


  • You will enter and post your invoices as you receive them and the system will alert you when their due date approaches
  • You can easily set up temporary vendors for one-time purchases
  • You can use the Quick Cheque function to generate payments on the fly, when needed


Reduce Paper Usage: 


  • You can attach source documents to invoices to facilitate approvals
  • You can set up payment methods for online, automatic, & etransfers
  • You will appreciate the optional extensions that are available to facilitate remote approval processing and notification