General Accounts Receivable


The MuniSoft Accounts Receivable is a winning choice designed specifically with local government accounting needs in mind.  Popular features include recurring charges, in process items, delivery billing, statistical reporting, multi-batch processing and integration with the MuniSoft receipting module.






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Optional Extensions

Optional extensions are available to enhance the feature set of the Accounts Receivable program.  These extensions include the following:

Features and Benefits


Shared Customer Database with Tax:


  • You will quickly retrieve all property and account information for any customer without leaving the open program
  • You can transfer a customer's AR arrears to their taxes at year end to ensure outstanding payments are paid


Satisfied Customers:


  • You will impress your customers with your unique, custom-designed invoices
  • You can receipt against specific invoices to please customers who specify how they want their payments distributed

Valuable Features & Functionality:


  • You will appreciate the monthly Interest Calculation reminders and automatic aging
  • You will save time and effort when you set up Recurring Charges for items that are periodically invoiced
  • You can create Custom Letters to communicate important information — such as monthly statements or payment reminders — to your customers
  • You will expedite invoice processing for common invoices by using the Load and Copy Invoice features to add previously entered batches and invoices to the new batch
  • You can utilize Additional Charges to ensure secondary charges are automatically included on an invoice whenever the primary charge is selected