Cemetery Administration


MuniSoft’s Cemetery Administration system was designed to handle more than the basic administrative requirements of most cemetery systems.  This solution allows the administrator to record additional genealogical information that may be useful for handling inquiries and provides a number of useful reports that makes identifying available plots easier.  The program is integrated with the MuniSoft administrative software so that plot sales can be recorded and receipts issued from the receipting system.


Features and Benefits

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  • Multi level security feature with password protection
  • Supports multiple sets of cemetery records
  • Enhanced print options with the ability to print to the screen or to a printer
  • Searches by decedent name, owner name, lot, full description, map number or funeral home
  • Lot information including description, cemetery type, lot/plot size, map ID number and remarks
  • Decedent information including name, next of kin, date of birth, place of birth, date of death, place of death, marital status, sex, age, occupation, attending physician, cause of death
  • Burial details including funeral home, permit number, placement, type of marker and special notes
  • Owner information including name, mailing address and telephone number
  • Lot transfer information including date of transfer and previous owner
  • Deed information including date, receipt number, price, care fund portioning, terms, trustee, etc.
  • Quick setup tables for common funeral homes, cemetery types, occupation types and causes of death
  • Interface to mapping systems
  • Supports sale of services such as cemetery openings and closings and other services
  • Reports including:

•  Cemetery Activity

•  Lot Register

•  Decedent Register

•  Owner Register

•  Register of Deeds

•  Sale of Services

•  Unsold Plots

•  Custom Reports (optional)

  • Benefits include:

•  More accurate records

•  Reduced time on administration

•  Better reporting capabilities

•  Quicker access to information

•  One comprehensive source of