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Easypay LogoEasypay allows you to easily process your payroll. You can set up an unlimited number of employees with any combination of pay type and pay frequency. As well, you can allocate each employee's expenses across multiple departments or to a single home department.






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Features and Benefits

Straightforward Payroll Functionality:


  • You will ensure the accuracy of your payroll records by allowing the system to calculate and apply deductions and benefits
  • You will be able to perform cost accounting with the Easypay system
  • You will please your employees with the ability to manually distribute their pay into multiple bank accounts at the time of transmission to the bank
  • You will access history records for every cheque processed, providing you with excellent audit and reporting capabilities
  • You can have up to 40 user-definable deductions unique to your organization


Seamless Integration:


  • You will appreciate that Easypay interfaces with MuniSoft's General Ledger program
  • Your program will interface with the direct deposit services of all major Canadian banks and credit unions


Valuable Add-Ons:


  • You will have the option to add the Time Clock Interface module to your Easypay program — allowing you to import time clock records directly into your system
  • You will save time and reduce paper costs by using Easystub — at $5.00 per upload and $0.05 per employee, you can upload paystubs to a secured location online where your employees can easily view and print their paystubs