Hail Roll Processing

MuniSoft's Hail program is designed to assist municipalities with hail insurance processing for Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance (SMHI). With a simple interface that syncs with the tax program, you can enter crop reports and charge hail levies with ease.






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Features and Benefits


Efficient Functionality:


  • You can easily enter all crop report information from one point of entry
  • You will levy for hail and the system will automatically apply the charges to the tax roll
  • You can select the "Hail Only Property" option to send the tax notice to the insured customer rather than the property owner
  • You will appreciate the ability to set up multiple basic rates; especially if you belong to a large municipality with multiple townships or ranges


Speedy Data Entry


  • You will streamline data entry by utilizing drop-lists and setting defaults to the most commonly used option
  • You will save time and effort by automating township information, using the shared database in your MuniSoft Tax program
  • You will quickly answer enquiries about premium calculations using the Insured Crops browse


Helpful Reports:


  • You will access the hail report to provide SMHI hail information in a suitable format
  • You will use the Hail Roll Verification report to check that customers meet all legal requirements
  • You will ensure the crop report deadline is met by using the Missing Crop Report to track missing reports and remind customers to turn them in