New Client Data Conversion

We know just how important data conversion is to you.  You want to switch to a better system but you don’t want to lose the valuable data that you’ve acquired through the years.  With over 700 municipal offices using MuniSoft software in Canada, it is likely that MuniSoft has more experience converting data than any other municipal software supplier in the country.  

  • Our substantial R & D department - with team members who have years of experience in converting data from other municipal software systems - assures quality results.
  • Our staff have experience converting data from all kinds of municipal suppliers - from large well-known suppliers to small local developers - from substantial SQL databases to customized spreadsheets!
  • Our Municipal Software Consultants will work with you to determine the best balance of cost to convenience for your office before beginning the process of conversion.
  • Our staff will work with your municipal staff throughout the process to verify data content and to assure accuracy.
  • Your data will be converted, balanced and verified for your installation and training.