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Paymate LogoPaymate allows you to process your payroll, providing you with a number of options when it comes to setting pay rates, pay frequencies, cheque formats, etc. Using Paymate, you minimize time spent on manual calculations and quickly generate a variety of payroll reports, including T4s.






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Features and Benefits


Handy Payroll Features: 


  • You will minimize manual calculations — for cheque totals, deductions, benefits, etc. — and ensure payroll accuracy
  • You will appreciate the system's ability to support multiple pay cards and time sheets per period
  • You will have flexible options for pay rates, pay periods, and pay groups for each employee
  • You will quickly generate T4s and other important payroll reports with only a few mouse clicks


Quick and Easy Setup: 


  • You will appreciate that you will only need to take the time to set up once and double checking and confirming is over
  • You will like Paymate's helpful setup features, such as drop-down menus and context sensitive help
  • You can record a variety of employee information — education, reviews, benefit information etc. — and easily access that information when needed


Multiple Payment Options:


  • You will reduce printing and paper costs when using the Electronic Funds Transfer option to pay your employees
  • You can design your cheques using multiple user-defined format options, if you prefer to pay your employees with cheques