A number of options are available to better facilitate collections in the local government office. These include the standard counter receipting function, multi cashiering option as well as other payment options such as Pre-Authorized Payments.






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Optional Extensions

Optional extensions are available to enhance the feature set of the Receipting program.  These extensions include the following:

Features and Benefits


Automatic Assistance:


  • You can rely on your system to know the amounts each ratepayer owes
  • Your system will use Reverse Posted Receipt functionality to automatically adjust the General Ledger when a receipt is voided, freeing you from manual adjustments, such as NFS cheques
  • You can enter post-dated cheques as they are received; the system will alert you when the payment date arrives


Valuable Functions:


  • You can set up commonly purchased General Receipt Items to expedite processing
  • You can reprint any posted or unposted receipts when needed
  • When processing payments, you can choose between Auto Apply to process payments quickly or Manual Payments to distribute payment as you see fit

Satisfied Customers:


  • You can take payment for multiple properties on one receipt for owners who own more than one property
  • You can accept prepayment from ratepayer who want to pay in advance
  • You can issue authentic charitable receipts when your customers make charitable donations