Security System

MuniSoft LogoMuniSoft’s Security Module was designed to provide the framework necessary for controlling access within each application of MuniSoft’s financial suite.  With this module you can control the rights of all individual users.  The framework controls who can view, add, change or delete records throughout all the different functional areas and processes in these applications.






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Features & Benefits

A Protected System:


  • You will prevent unauthorized staff from accessing your municipal data; each individual user will have an User ID and a password to enter each time they use the program
  • You will know exactly who did what with the system's ability to track transactions based on logged-on user
  • You can allow nonstandard users — such as your auditor — to view municipal information without the risk of them interfering with your data
  • You will guarantee that only permitted staff can make changes to the data; for each program, you will assign each user to the View-Only group or the Full-Access group



Quick and Easy Setup:


  • You will expedite set up by assigning users to pre-set permission groups rather than assigning permissions on an item by item basis
  • You will have full control as the security administrator; only one person can decide who has access to what
  • You and your staff can choose any password; there are no restrictions or character requirements

Assistance from MuniSoft:


  • You can enlist the help of MuniSoft in the event of legal action; for a fee, we offer reporting service contracts to provide identification of the logged-on user of each transaction