Utility Billing and Receivables


MuniSoft’s Utility Billing system offers the flexibility necessary to handle multi-tiered rate structures for water and sewer, hydro, gas and other utilities.  The billing accounts can be easily created “automatically” by using information from the assessment roll to quickly set up such things as billing information, name, address, legal description, etc.  Meter readings can be easily input either manually or from automated data collection systems. Statistical reports provide consumption and billing summaries by charge and rates.



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Optional Extensions

Optional extensions are available to enhance the feature set of the Utility Billing Program.  These extensions include the following:

Features and Benefits

Seamless Integration


  • You will automate customer information creation from Tax's shared customer database, saving time and effort


Power and Control


  • You will enjoy freedom and flexibility to configure unlimited rate settings and billing frequencies that work best for your office and your customers
  • You will have full control on discount, interest and penalty policies

Valuable Features:


  • You will expedite Final Billings for customers moving out with the independent Final Billing Processing functionality available any time throughout the billing cycle
  • You will enhance your confidence in your billing with system features like Issue Missed Billing
  • You will strengthen the integrity of the billing process using the Find Errors features, flagging erroneous billings at the time of meter reading entry
  • You will appreciate the program's capability to transfer utility arrears to a Tax roll at year end